We are proud to recognize the enormous sacrifice made by our Veterans, especially those who are injured while defending the freedoms we all enjoy. We are specifically focused on recent Veterans for post-September 11th conflicts. We raise funds and focus our donations to organizations working in our neighborhoods to:

  • Support Veterans as they gain access to civilian employment
  • Provide access to health care and support groups for our Veterans and their families
  • Support the families of fallen heroes

Working with national and community-based organizations to reach our neighbor Veterans, we believe that their sacrifice and service should be honored and we aim to ease the transition back into civilian life.

Local Stories

Easterseals Southern California provides services that assist veterans, to find meaningful employment after the military.

Each year Easterseals Southern California assists more than 10,000 people, providing adult/senior day services; autism therapy; child development/early education; employment services, veteran employment support; independent living options; and more that help people of all abilities to have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities.

This year, the Vons Foundation granted Easterseals Southern California $580,775 to help their Bob Hope Veterans Support Program’s growing demand for employment services among veterans and their families. Easterseals was able to help a total of 314 veterans and secure employment for 191 of them.

This program is incredibly important to the veterans who receive help from it, such as Alex.  After serving 6 years in the U.S. Army as a cannon crew member, Alex found himself in a series of dead-end jobs. When Alex connected with Easterseals Bob Hope Veterans Support Program, he received the assistance needed to get on the path for a solid job. Easterseals provided one-on-one support from an Employment Specialist, who helped Alex develop a structured plan to move forward in his transition to civilian employment including resume development, and building interview and networking skills.  Alex wanted a career that allowed him to give back.  He now works for an organization that assists fellow veterans. He says, “Easterseals provided great mentorship and guidance for me. They really assisted me with transitioning my military experience to a civilian job. I am very happy and content.”

We are proud to have contributed to the help these veterans received, and we wish them continued happiness and success.

Easter Seals Southern California provides exceptional services to ensure that all people with disabilities or other special needs and their families have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities.

Easter Seals offers autism therapy services, adult day services, independent living options, early childhood education services, and employment services for people with disabilities and military veterans, designed to help people full and productive lives.  Easter Seals services support people at all stages of life – from birth to those in their senior years.

The Vons Foundation, through its Vons and Pavilions stores,  has been one of Easter Seals’ most generous corporate partners. In addition to providing a platform for raising awareness, Vons and Pavilions shoppers have been able to make donations at the stores’ register pin pad to support Easter Seals’ services.

“We are proud to have Vons as an Easter Seals partner,” said Mark Whitley, president and CEO, Easter Seals Southern California. “They truly care about the services we provide for those with disabilities and special needs and their dedication has helped us serve local communities across Southern California.”

Over the years The Vons Foundation has raised over $8 million for Easter Seals Southern California’s disability services.  Each year Easter Seals clients have enjoyed visiting their local Vons and Pavilions stores during the annual month-long campaign as part of their daily activities in the community, thanking the employees for supporting Easter Seals, greeting shoppers and taking photos.

In 2014, Vons and Pavilions focused fundraising support on Easter Seals’ WorkFirst, Military & Veteran Services.  An in-store Veterans Day fundraising campaign supported the Military & Veterans Service to meet its mission to provide one-on-one employment support to veterans (with or without a disability) transitioning out of the military to civilian work.

Since launching in 2014, Easter Seals WorkFirst, Military & Veteran Services has served more than 300 clients, already placing 150 into civilian positions.   Military & Veteran Services supports veterans to determine their job interests, translate their military work history into a civilian resume, build networking skills, prepare for job interviews and more.  In addition, the service provides direct referrals to other agencies that can assist veterans and their families with issues around benefits, education, housing and other needs.

“Working with our veterans in a one-on-one capacity allows us to tailor the services and guidance needed to help them move into a new chapter,” said John Funk, director of WorkFirst, Military & Veterans Services, Easter Seals Southern California.  “Support from Vons has allowed us to serve even more veterans in our area,” he added.

This is a proud partnership that we look forward to growing.

South California - Build greater Los Angeles

Building a Greater Los Angeles

The Albertsons Companies Foundation and The Vons Foundation have been working with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) since 2012 to serve our nation’s heroes and revitalize neighborhoods throughout greater Los Angeles.

Los Angeles ranks as one of the least affordable housing areas in the United States and as a result many hardworking, low-income families and individuals are forced to live in poverty housing.  Many of these families shop daily at Albertsons, Vons or Pavilions grocery stores.  Knowing this, The Albertsons Companies Foundation and The Vons Foundation is proud to support Habitat LA and its efforts to improve the lives of these families.

Lori Raya, the President of Albertson, Vons and Pavilions, has proven her commitment to low income communities by joining Habitat LA’s Board of Directors.  “I am very proud of The Albertsons Companies Foundation and The Vons Foundation’s history with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles,” she says. “Since our partnership began in 2012 we have donated over $200,000 in funds and products and over 200 volunteer hours that have undoubtedly changed lives and neighborhoods in our local communities.”

Habitat LA believes the most effective way it can help transform neighborhoods is to go beyond building new homes; it can broaden its efforts by offering home repairs to low income residents, beautification services, and neighborhood assets such as schools and churches.

Habitat LA began this work in 2009 when it launched its Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative and selected Lynwood, California as its first target area. Since 2009, Habitat LA has invested $24.3 million, with the help of The Albertsons Companies Foundation and The Vons Foundation and other supporters, to build, renovate and repair 94 homes in this community helping to instill residents with a new sense of hope.

The Albertsons Companies Foundation and The Vons Foundation has played a key part in helping Habitat LA’s efforts to revitalize this community by supporting the 2013 Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity Build-A-Thon.  Over the course of four days, Albertsons, Vons and Pavilions employees joined forces with nearly 1,000 volunteers to build seven new homes and repair and beautify seven additional homes and three community properties on the same block.  The Albertsons Companies Foundation and The Vons Foundation kept volunteers well fed, generously donating continental breakfast and snacks for each day of the build.

The following year, The Albertsons Companies Foundation and The Vons Foundation sponsored Habitat LA’s 2014 Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity Build-A-Thon in Long Beach, California. In three days, volunteers built two new homes, repaired six homes and provided critically needed upgrades to four nonprofit organizations that serve this community.  The event engaged active military and veterans and recognized their contributions to our country.

In 2015, The Albertsons Companies Foundation and The Vons Foundation honored the veteran community by supporting Habitat LA’s Veterans Build on November 11.  Over 100 volunteers, the majority of whom were veterans, came together to build three new homes, one of which is designated for a veteran homebuyer, in Inglewood, California.

As we look forward, The Albertsons Companies Foundation and The Vons Foundation hopes to have a long and fruitful partnership with Habitat LA.  Recognizing the key role that this investment plays in the local community, Habitat LA families are incredibly grateful for all the support that Albertsons, Vons and Pavilions family of grocery stores has provided to them and their children over the years.  Together we are creating a future where everyone has a decent place to live.

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